Hard Money Loans are Working for the Benefit of All Realtors

Real life gets us into multiple challenges and we need to work for our safety and for the exposure of all good things. There are so many facets of looking at the same business in the context of happiness, prosperity and flexible work routine. I mean if you are thinking little about Real Estate Investment then you are getting in a right direction. Here are Hard Money Loans for your financial assistance and the lenders are more than willing to guide you in different matters and let you succeed in all your property deals. These hard money lenders never let their clients fell all alone in the middle of a business transaction as their own interest is related till the end of final sale transaction.

You need to feel a greater level of motivation as a tool for winning the battle of prosperity with Hard Money Loans in your hand for a good property deal. The difference between a good and bad property according to the professional lenders and investors is the profitability factor that is associated with that property. There are so many profitable houses in your own neighborhood and you need to develop that marketing sensibility, in order to catch the right vibes out of that property. These houses may be in real bad shape and you can do some necessary fix and then flip or resell it for greater margin of profit. Then there are so many houses in foreclosure process due to the nonpayment of regular installments to the banks or conventional lenders.

Hard Money Loans have really formed great reasons for everyone to get into this profitable business of real estate investment. There are hardly any sorts of failures if you are dealing with Hard Money Lenders. They ask you to make a clear observation and analysis of your desired property with key points in focus. Then they send their own neutral evaluators for the confirmation of a good deal. These evaluators check everything with a keen eye and they would tell you great many tips in terms of customer’s psyche and how to judge the favorable points in a property. Most of investors and especially the beginners do one mistake as they associate their personal liking and disliking with all they see.

The phenomenon of being carried away by personal emotions is very harmful for the professional investors. You need to look at a property with a neutral and professional eye. Then you can get Hard Money Loans for investing in your brighter future. You need to see the neighborhood of a house if you are considering for purchasing, as a business deal. As buyers keep surrounding area as a very important factor in deciding what is right for their residential needs. If you are able to keep good things in focus and learn to be all specific about what you choose as an entity for your business concern then nothing can stop you from success and earning a good reputation in Real Estate Investment World.

My name is Veronika Hudson and i m from Virginia. I work for Do Hard Money as a Senior Marketing Manager.At we Create Wealth. We simply do this by providing short term hard money loans to Real Estate Investors. We offer our long-standing as well as prospective clients the first-rate benefits.

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What Any Business Should Know About Working Capital Loans

Put bluntly, without sufficient levels of working capital, a business will struggle to survive and ultimately, will wither and die. Working capital reserves will help ensure that the business has sufficient cash reserves to hand that can be used for the settlement of immediate and imminent financial obligations that are outstanding, thereby ensuring that the business does not face bankruptcy proceedings by a creditor.

For some types of business, such as grocers and convenience stores, they are in the fortunate position of requiring very small amounts of working capital by virtue of the fact that they will receive instant revenue whenever they sell an item, and the expected turnaround time for the sale of their inventory is fairly minimal. However, other types of business (a whisky distillery is a prime example) will have to wait for prolonged periods of time before their inventory reaches a sufficient level of maturity that will mean that it can be competently sold to customers.

In the hiatus between the preparation of their stock and the actual sale, the company will inevitably incur various items of expenditure such as wages and salaries for its personnel, the cost of rent and tax, along with insurance premiums and security. At the risk of grossly oversimplifying a complex and advanced business topic, the more working capital that a company has to its name, the less likely that the company will encounter financial troubles.

How would a business owner determine whether they require working capital loans? The equation of computing the need for working capital loans is very straightforward and is as follows:

Current assets-current liabilities=working capital.

Now that we have clearly identified the vital role that working capital plays in the health and economic durability and viability of a company, what then are some of the benefits and drawbacks commonly associated with working capital loans? Again, these are as follows.


The business is kept more solvent, thereby insulating the company against the risk of bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings.
By having sufficiently high levels of working capital to hand, the business will be in a much stronger position to negotiate with banks and other commercial lenders in order to secure additional financial support.
Working capital plays an integral role to the achievement and upkeep thereof, the goodwill (reputation and credibility) of the corporate personality in question.
These types of loans are specialized loans designed to be provided to companies in the shortest period of time possible, thereby preventing precious time being wasted.
Temporary and unexpected loss of income (such as where a high value customer suddenly stops trading for whatever reason) will not drag the company down.


The company must ensure that they strictly adhere to the repayment schedule mandated by the lender, otherwise, they run the very real risk of suffering an adverse credit rating that will have long term ramifications as they are alienated from conventional financial support.
These types of loans are primarily used and intended for short term items of expenditure only, thereby reducing their usefulness.

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Working Capital Financing Ideas You Hadn’t Even Thought Of !

An old article in Canadian Business caught our eye as it focused on Canadian business financing and was entitled ‘ Beyond the Banks ‘. With all due respect to the good folks at Canadian Business Magazine we have some strong comments and additional info on the 15 (yes, that’s 15!) suggestions they had on business financing in Canada. Working capital financing and business financing in Canada is always a challenge; today it’s more challenging than ever.

Let’s cover off some of the business financing info that was shared and hopefully we can provide you with an update and some insightful comments into what is working and what is not from a business financing perspective . We’ll focus in this article on the first 7 of the 15 business financing scenarios referenced in the Canadian Business article.

Angel Financing – We have rarely met clients who have successfully arranged angel financing – at the end of the day this is simply equity and ownership dilution and is often solely focused on high growth scenarios, which may or may not include your firm . The concept of another owner or board member within your company may not be palatable.

The article spoke of ABL – asset based lending – we firmly believe this is one of the best ways in which to achieve unlimited working capital Vis a Vis your growth prospects. Investigate asset based lines of credit, they are viable and they work.

Bridge Financing was also touched on as a working capital solution and it referenced ‘ premiums’ rates and seemed to infer that you only used bridge financing when you are in distress or hyper growth. Again we disagree as a bridge financing solution has proven very successful for many of our clients who are start up in nature or who have significant projects that require a short term injection of temporary working capital.

The Canadian Business article also referred to the governments Crown corporation bank as a solution provide of innovative lending programs. Actually these programs essentially boil down into working capital term loans at fixed rates and Equipment financing.

The magazine also referred to buy out funds, and referenced a global investment in 2004 of 25 Billion. That is little consolation for small and medium sized firms in Canada who require business financing often available only to ‘ the big boys’ via private equity and buyout funds. This really is, in our opinion, a small sector of the market and very UN – apropos from most of Canadian business.

We heartily agree with the magazine when they referenced the Canada Small Business Financing program – the acronyms for this program vary, and they include BIL, CSBF, and ‘ SBL ‘. We believe strongly, and are always advising clients, that this is by far the best program for business financing of assets and real estate and property in Canada. Investigate this program, take advantage of it if you can, it does not get any better!

The final reference in the magazine that we will cover off and comment on is the concept of ‘Factoring ‘. Virtually unheard of some year ago it is fast becoming the hottest method of financing working capital in Canada. Complexity in this form of financing comes in the form of how it works, what it costs, and selecting the right partner firm that matches your overall needs.

We strongly believe that the majority of firms in Canada currently don’t have a handle of their business financing options. We can of course forgive business owners and financial managers as they are caught up in the day to day running of their businesses and the financial challenges that come with that.

When addressing working capital challenges look for options that will help you speed up asset conversion – speak to a trusted, credible and experienced business financing advisor who will steer you down the right road to business financing success.

Stan Prokop is founder 7 Park Avenue Financial ; Originating financing for Canadian companies,specializing: working capital, cash flow, and asset based financing , the 6 year old firm has completed in excess of 45 Million $ of financing for companies . For info / free consultation on Canadian business financing / contact details see:

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Small Business Financing and Working Capital Loan Quiz

A brief series of pertinent small business financing questions and answers are provided below as a tool to illustrate why working capital loans and commercial mortgages have become so difficult to obtain. This is designed to serve as a good starting point for any small business borrower about to embark on efforts to secure commercial financing.

After they were given taxpayer funding by the financial bailout in 2008, are banks required to provide small business lending?

No, although it is a mystery to almost everyone (except for the bankers themselves) that there were not such conditions placed upon the banks when they were saved from financial collapse by taxpayer funds. Because the assets are considered to be what is known as fungible, the recipients can effectively do what they want with the money. This seems like a term invented just for such an occasion. As used for banking purposes it is not possible to say what happened to the money given to the banks because the monetary assets are interchangeable with other funds. Most banks saved from financial collapse now appear to be investing a significant portion in what most observers consider to be risky areas similar to what got them into trouble at the beginning of this crisis, and in any case there were no restrictive conditions which would require banks to provide any particular amount of commercial loans.

Are there really any good banks still standing? After the financial bailout, are banks still failing?

Yes seems to be an appropriate answer to both questions. Telling the difference between good and bad banks is unfortunately not an easy task for innocent bystanders. It should be apparent that there is still a lending crisis that was not resolved by the bailout because (among other objective indicators) there continue to be ongoing weekly reports from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation about bank failures. The rest of us can still draw our own conclusions even though bankers and politicians do not want to talk openly about this situation.

Do phantom business loans refer to commercial financing that lenders say is available but in fact is not?

Yes, and the term is influenced by technology firms when they talked about products often called phantom software when they were trying to discourage customers from purchasing a competitive product even though the company that made the announcement did not have such an item actually available. Because there were so many documented instances in which the phantom software never materialized beyond a press release, the practice was usually viewed as controversial. The world of small business lending has now apparently adopted this questionable public relations ploy.

While the preceding discussion was not intended to be a complete examination of small business loans, it was designed to reveal potential lending difficulties to small business owners before it is too late to take appropriate action. The brief business financing quiz shown above also illustrates several key issues to help explain the recent lack of adequate commercial real estate loans and working capital funding by banks to small businesses.

Stephen Bush has provided business financing expert advice to commercial borrowers for over 30 years and delivers small business finance services throughout the United States. Please visit the Commercial Mortgage Loans website for AEX Commercial Financing Group at


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