Retirement Planning Toolkit Deluxe 1.0 [Download]

Retirement Planning Toolkit Deluxe 1.0 [Download]

Retirement Planning Toolkit Deluxe 1.0 [Download]

  • Retirement Planning Toolkit gives you access to 19 calculators, worksheets, and checklists to help you in your retirement planning, and gives you information so you can make timely decisions before retirement
  • Retirement planning calculators including retirement planner, investment withdrawal, future value, and compounding interest so you can see how your money grows, how much money to withdraw for retirement each year, and if you have enough saved
  • Worksheets include document location summary, financial information recording, investment information recording, retirement information recording, cash flow analysis, networth analysis, and total gross estate analysis
  • Checklists include a pre-retirement list to help you start the planning process, a list of age milestones to consider before and during retirement, and a list of items to consider when creating an estate plan
  • Backup and Restore functions to create safety copies of all your toolkit data files using Zipped files with AES-256 encryption to protect your data, and create, view, print, and save reports for all calculators, worksheets, and checklists

After years of hard work, you deserve and look forward to a happy retirement. There are many decisions and issues to consider during the planning process, including when to retire, where to live, what will my guaranteed monthly income be, what will my monthly expenses be, have I saved enough, how long will my savings last, when can I start collecting Social Security benefits, etc. The goal of the Retirement Planning Toolkit is to help you plan for retirement and provide you with the information

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