Small Business Advertising On A Small Budget

All businesses are watching their pennies, your business isn’t the only one cutting back. Everyone from individual customers to other businesses are having to make cut backs. Maintaining your own business if full of stress, particularly during this economic downturn. So you might be looking for new methods to reduce your expenses but you don’t have to reduce the volume of your advertising.

It’s a mistake to do too much with the marketing portion as a new business, but some business owners think that will be the way to look more professional if they do full page newspaper advertisements and promotional coupon mailers. This may seem to be a good way to attract the public but there are techniques which are less costly and smaller which will be just as effective if not more.

Flyers are an inexpensive way to advertise for your business and can be hung in a variety of places. You will find that if you do choose to mail these items that you can do so at a very inexpensive rate simply by folding them in a tri-fold and addressing the back of the flyer. Most companies have computers and these make excellent tools for printing up flyers and coupons to pass out to customers or lay on the counter for people to take. They can be hung up on public bulletin boards all around town as well.

Small promotional products like promotional pens and promotional magnets are nice items to keep on hand and pass out a lot. As these items travel around town with your logo on them more people will become aware of your business and its location. They will be seen and perhaps even discussed by your customer and a person who notices this promotional item or they may just leave your name on that person’s brain. Either way they will have an impact. The key to this form of advertising is to buy less expensive promotional items in bulk and hand them out freely.

There are many ways to advertise for your small business. Keeping costs down doesn’t mean cutting back it just means becoming more creative with your advertising dollars and that can actually benefit the effectiveness of your advertising more than money can.

Extend your promotional power by using more creative ideas for marketing. The professionals at will be happy to help you create a marketing plan for their promotional products. Click on right now to see all the choices available for your business, including promotional pens!

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Small Business Bookkeeping For Your Small Concern

If you own a small business, perhaps it is just a one man show, is it smart enough to hire a bookkeeper to keep track of your business? The solution depends completely on your business operations and its involvements. If your business generates small variety of straightforward invoices every month, then it would be wise on your half, to try to to the little business bookkeeping work on your own. In case you generate a high volume of invoices, then hiring a bookkeeper would build sense. It particularly is smart, if the accounting works take up significant time of your work that you may utilize for the betterment running your business.

Currently bookkeeping may be a substantial part of both giant and little scale business. Many successful business houses have departed towards on-line outsourcing. In case you would like to take the initiative to reduce overhead and focus a lot of on your business, currently it’s the best time to modify to outsource little business bookkeeping.

Most bookkeeping companies acknowledge outsourcing as time saver. For tiny companies and organizations who attempt to extend their profit margins, outsourcing bookkeeping services provides them with a head start. The thinking behind outsourcing bookkeeping has increased ten folds as bookkeeping companies help reduce burden and share responsibility when your business wants it most.

Majority of the tiny business bookkeeping outsourcing companies have, inside their ranks, skilled professionals, with years of expertise inside their field. Most bookkeeping firms are proficient in their work and you’ll be able to totally rely on them to get the work done on time. Bookkeeping outsourcing firms use different rates depending on the scale and work of the organization. Because the competition is terribly sturdy most bookkeeping companies employ terribly competitive rates. As business firm, this is often even better news as you would have so much less bookkeeping work than a number of your bigger counterparts.

By outsourcing your tiny business bookkeeping works, your business will benefit on varied aspects like:

one A lot of focus over the business
2 You get to have skilled employees at reasonable rates
3 Your client satisfaction can be increased
four Obtaining enhanced rate of service and speed of delivery
five Getting access to outstanding technology and services at low cost rates
half dozen Business growth

Generally each tiny and huge business homes research to bookkeeping outsourcing firms to decrease operational costs, expand quality and company focus, capital clearance and to increase firms work rate. So, your tiny business bookkeeping works can positively get promptly accomplished by this outsourcing services.

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Is Your Small Business Online?

Nothing I can think of will make a small business grow faster than to bring it online with your own professionally designed website. The age of the Internet is upon us and business owners must adapt to this new form of advertising, or risk being left in the dust by their competitors.

What are the common reasons business owners give when explaining why they still aren’t online?

“I don’t understand computers and the Internet”
“It is expensive to set up a business website”
“Our advertising budget is too small for that”

Well, let me dispel those myths right now.

Professional business websites can be designed, developed and run easily, without the business owner knowing a thing about computers or the Internet.
Small business websites are ridiculously inexpensive. For less than the cost of ONE MONTHof phone book advertising, a website can be designed. Then, it’s just about $ 25 per month to keep that website going. Considering the immense value and exposure a website offers, it’s the best deal going in advertising.
Your small business advertising budget will thank you for having an online presence. In addition to costing far, far less than print advertising, your new website will result in more customers and hence, more sales.

A small business website widens your exposure: And it doesn’t just increase it a little bit either – it increases it a lot!

If your business currently relies on referrals, word-of-mouth or personal recommendation, that’s not sufficient to get a wider client base. To really reach out and attract new customers, you have to widen your advertising net. Fortunately, a small business website does that easily and gets you world-wide exposure instantly!

The internet connects people with your business whom you wouldn’t otherwise even make a connection.

In today’s age, people own property and businesses in your town and they don’t even live there.

If a landlord lives in another state and needs to have someone local fix something in a rental, do you think the landlord looks in your local phone book yellow pages? Of course not, the landlord “Googles it” and finds a local business online.

If you aren’t online, you lose out!

A small business website also makes it possible to sell online.

Online commerce is the fastest growing segment in the business community. Both goods and services can be sold online and having your own website makes that possible. Innovative clients of ours sell everything from spark plugs to slate pool tables online.

The same thing applies to services: Doctors, lawyers, contractors, accountants, plumbers, mechanics and other professionals all advertise online.

Don’t be left out, get your own small business website today!

I invite you to view our professional, affordable websites.

Small Business Grant Money – Free Money For Your Business & How to Find It

Finally decided to start your own company but having problems finding the necessary startup capital in order to get it running? Have no fear, the Government is here! Yes, I did just say The Government. The US Government offers free grants to small business owners as a way to help encourage growth and stability. While there are thousands of these offers available every year, very few are even applied for? Why is that? Because most people don’t even know they exist!

Every new entrepreneurs dreams to take his business to the Forbes 100 List but most of them fail to realize realistic goals. One of the largest contributing factors to this is a lack of startup capital or initial investment. Running your own business is expensive, something that is easy to miss-judge. For this reason, the Government offers free grants that are available to boost new business here in America.

So how can I get one of these small business grants? Simple, you need to search one of the many thousand offers available to find one that fits your needs and requirements. Some guidelines regarding that process as well as some tips on what to look for in a grant offer can be found online. Once you’ve found the offer that fits your company you then need to submit a business plan/grant application.

Some important things to keep in mind when applying to offers:

1. Presentation of the business plan –

The first important step is the presentation. Any small business grant distributor will be interested primarily in how you tend to use the money if they give it to you, and also how you plan on using the funds to make a profit. The difference between a bank loan and a federal grant is you don’t have to show them how you’ll repay it (grants are cash gifts), which means you should focus on the ultimate goal of your business rather than the small steps you plan on taking to generate revenue along the way.

2. The message conveyed in the business plan –

The business plan is the cornerstone of any grant application This plan give a clear idea of your goals and vision as well as a rough timetable for accomplishing these goals. The potential in your business is shown in your business plan and it is the plan itself, which increases the confidence that the grant distributers will have in you.

3. The Eligibility for small business grants sanction –

* Small business grants are readily extended to small business industries to help them grow, only if they have a potential.

* Small business grants bodies have their own objectives and give grants money to those satisfying them in the best possible manner.

* The location of the business is one big reason for sanction of small business grants. The government wants decentralization of industries in order to avoid migration toward cities. For example, you’d have an easier time securing a government small business grant if you planned on being headquartered in upstate New York rather than downtown New York City.

Tom Conrad is no stranger to the world of small business finance, having spent an entire career servicing federal grants. His latest effort to better educate the public on federal offerings can be found on the Small Business Grant Money Guide

Small Business Advertising Tips

When watching TV or flipping through a magazine you often see advertisements from large corporations like Coca Cola, Ford, and Nike, have you noticed that these companies aren’t selling you a specific product or service. The reason for this, is that the purpose of their advertisement is to sell you brand preference and brand loyalty. This is great, if you have millions of dollars to spend on a branding campaign and your comapny is a household name with millions of people. Unfortunately most small businesses do not have the luxury of immediate brand recognition and loyalty by millions of consumers. So what can you do to have more effective adverting on a shoestring budget? Let me share with you a few secrets of effective small business advertising.

Advertising: Does Yours Work?

Secret 1

Stop trying to sell with your ads. You adverting is not a vehicle to sell a product or service. When you do this, most of the time, you are throwing your advertising dollars down the drain. I believe that less than 1% of the audience that sees an ad that tries to sell will actually take the next step and make a purchase. It is probably much less than 1% but I’m being optimistic that your advertising dollars spent up until now have been well spent.

Secret 2

Look for and then identify the main concerns of your target market and use these as the basis for each ad or mini article you use as a promotional tool. Whether you write a 30 word print advertisement, a 30 second radio commercial, or a 600 word advertorial (an advertisement made to look and sound like a news story), take a look at what you wrote and see if you are trying to sell something to your audience or are you trying to inform them. Consumers, for the most part are looking to be educated about a product or service, told that the features and benefits of using are right for them and then made to feel that by purchasing your product or service they have made the correct decision. You still need to grab your audience’s attention and keep them interested in your advertisement, but make them feel as if they are learning something that will help solve a problem or need.

Secret 3

Don’t expect one advertisement to do all the work and bring in loads of clients and customers. Advertisement is a system of engaging and informing consumers at all points of contact. You need develop a marketing and advertising system where all you advertisements work together to relay key messages to your audience.

Advertising is part art but also part science. There is a proven formula for making small businesses advertising more effective. The trick is what you say within the confines of the advertising formula. But that is another article. Stay Tuned!


Nicholas Pavlich- Management Consultant/Marketing Specialist/Account Manager


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