ACS Student Loans – What Exactly Are They?

ACS Student Loans – What Exactly Are They?

ACS student loans are really no different than any other type of federal student loan, they are just processed by a specific company, namely ACS, Inc. ACS actually stands for Affiliated Computer Services, and they are an outsourcing company that handles many types of data processing and databases. The ACS student loans are any type of federal loan including but not limited to Stafford loans. The application process and if you will qualify for ACS student loans is entirely the same as with any other federal loan, the school must be accredited and approved for federal funding and you must be attending on a part-time basis.

ACS student loans may also include other types of loans such as loans from the campus itself. Since many schools and agencies don’t have the manpower or resources to manage the loans, paperwork, repayment schedules and the many other detail in a loan they outsource the work to ACS, which is already set up to generate and store all the data needed. Federal Perkins loans are one such loan that is handled by ACS. In addition many other lenders use the ACS student loans system, meaning that going through ACS may result in a better overal loan that will more closely match your needs as a student.

One of the benefits to getting ACS student loans is that all your loan information is only a click of your mouse away. ACS has a full range of electronic services that can be accessed through a PIN number to provide security, just like an online banking service. Typical online options for ASC student loans include:

• Immediate account information on loan payments, balances and transactions • Ability to make online payments at any time of the day or night from any computer worldwide • Apply for various programs or services online • Browse through different types of loans and loan services that may be of benefit to you • Changes in personal contact information can be completed at any time • Email notices of payments or specific dates or information about your loan can be sent to any email you designate

Most students find the ACS services are very simple and easy to use. With newer technology including PDA’s and internet compatible cell phones, keeping up to date with your student loans through ACS is simple, easy and can be completed at your convenience. Like most lenders, ACS also allows students to apply for student loans over the computer. Parents wanting to apply for a PLUS loan have the same access and online service options as well.

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