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Structured Settlements

There are many reasons why an individual get to have structured settlements in their financial portfolio. Among the most common reasons are; insurance arrangement, personal injury claims, lottery winnings, inherited pensions and so much more. Along with these structured settlements are host of positive outcome on the person’s financial status. The most basic advantage on this kind of financial arrangement is the stability that will be provided to the person. Consider the fact that a particular amount of money is given to you on a period of time. if the contract is for the duration of 10 years, then a specific amount of money is provided to you every month for the next ten years. Thus is the financial stability that goes with a structured settlement.

However, due to the recent economic lowdown, more and more individuals with structured settlements are looking into the prospect of selling their annuities to a structured settlement purchaser. The purchasing company will buy off the whole amount of the settlement claims and provide the claimant the lump sum of such coverage. The amount is discounted though, since buying off secured settlements is a business that needs to acquire the needed ROI. And purchasing company has to take the risk in buying off the settlement by giving the amount in whole to the claimant, that is why; a portion of the amount is then discounted.

Structured settlement is actually a logical financial arrangement; however, when the need arises, the claimant can then sell it off to a purchasing company. If the situation calls for emergency cash, then the individual has all the right to sell their structured settlements in exchange of a larger amount in whole. The only thing that a claimant must take into consideration is to spend the lump sum to a good use. For if selling the structured settlement is only for other worldly reasons, then the act of selling the settlement will then be such an imprudent course of action.

Singer Asset is a leading nationwide purchaser of structured settlement and annuity payments. Singer has both the experience and flexibility you need to make the most of the settlement you are scheduled to receive.

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Cash For Settlements

Cash for settlement is one idea many people are taking advantage of in order to obtain a lump sum after they have been tied into a structured settlement. Those who are awarded, or who make a settlement for, damage claims in lawsuits, frequently discover that they need more money now, instead of over the future years.

Large settlements are made in lawsuits for devastating personal injuries. Medical malpractice can ruin lives and cost a fortune in future medical care. Vehicle accidents can also result in major property damage and personal disability or death. Wrongful death cases, product failures, or defects resulting in personal injury are other types of lawsuits that can bring in large settlements to the plaintiff.

A structured settlement is one where the person receiving payments gets them spread out over many years, or even up to a lifetime. This is an option to getting all the money at once, in one big lump sum. There are some tax advantages that can be gained by doing the structured payouts, and it means the person will have a guaranteed income for that period of time. This is a wonderful thing, especially if they are in need of ongoing medical care.

However, things happen that may bring the recipient to the point of view that they would rather have all the money now, and not wait. Or, they might want just a hunk of it now, and the remainder spread out as guaranteed income over time.

There are many reasons to need a big lump sum. Maybe you are ready to buy a house, and need the down payment. Or, if you have been off work for some time, there may be large bills piling up that you need to take care of. Perhaps you want to attend college and need money for that purpose. Whatever reason you have, taking a full or partial lump sum can be the windfall you need for your plans to work.

Another reason to want the big money now is inflation, which can reduce the effectiveness and value of your future income. If you have the money now, you can buy more with it at today’s values. The companies that buy out structured settlement pay cash for settlement agreements. They then own it. But they will charge a fee for their services and the possible loss of value they may encounter. Most fees run ten to thirty percent of the money you want to get advanced.

Cash for settlement is a good option when your needs change and you need the money. It may have to be court approved, but it can be a perfect solution. Check out a few companies before you decide.

For more information or a free quote on cash for your structured settlement, contact Professional Settlement Buyers.

Global Financial Stability Report, October 2012: Restoring Confidence and Progressing on Reforms: (Summary version) (World Economic and Financial Surveys)

Global Financial Stability Report, October 2012: Restoring Confidence and Progressing on Reforms: (Summary version) (World Economic and Financial Surveys)

Global Financial Stability Report, October 2012: Restoring Confidence and Progressing on Reforms: (Summary version) (World Economic and Financial Surveys)

The October 2012 Global Financial Stability Report (GFSR) finds increased risks to the global financial system, with the euro area crisis the principal source of concern, and urges policymakers to act now to restore confidence, reverse capital flight, and reintegrate the euro zone. This GFSR presents a report on whether regulatory reforms are moving the financial system in the right direction, and finds that progress has been limited, partly because many reforms are in the early stages of implem


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Lump Sum Settlement

A lump sum settlement is exactly what it sounds like. A financial judgment is awarded to an injured individual with payment being issued as one payment. This type of payment is preferred to the standard, which is a structured settlement, which gives the paying party the opportunity to make payments to the injured party over a period of time.

Getting a lump sum settlement allows the injured party the opportunity to pay off medical bills and other bills that may have gotten behind due to a lack of income from the injured party, who may or may not have become disabled at the time of injury. Lump sum payments also allow the injured party to make purchases in cash that may not otherwise have been possible, such as a new home for a newly disabled person.

Rarely are settlements paid in a lump sum fashion. More often, these awards are made in a structured settlement fashion. This type of arrangement oftentimes leaves the injured party scrambling to make ends meet. That’s where settlement-funding companies come in. Investors who offer to exchange a lump sum payment for your structured settlement payments often run these companies.

While this sounds like a dream come true, consider this. Investors are in the business to make money. When you exchange your monthly payments for a lump sum settlement, you are, in essence, giving away a portion of your award. Sometimes the amount that you forfeit can be as much as half. Depending on your current situation, this may or may not make sense. Carefully consider all your options before deciding on this option.

If you are a victim of an injury and have received an award, ask your attorney if your payment can be made in a lump sum settlement. If not, ask your attorney if he can refer you to a reputable settlement funding company, if having the largest amount of money in the shortest amount of time is necessary for your situation. Most of the time, attorneys can point you in the right direction and help keep you from taking a larger hit than is necessary.

For more information or a free lumpsum cash quote on your structured settlement advance, contact Professional Settlement Buyers

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Wrongful Death Settlement

When a loved one dies because of the actions of another person or company, a Wrongful Death claim (or “lawsuit”) can be filed in the civil courts on behalf of the deceased. The family that is bringing the case to the courts is known as the “plaintiff” and the person or company that may have caused the death is known as the “defendant” in the Wrongful Death claim. Civil courts handle all cases that involve awarding damages or other appropriate amounts to the plaintiff, whereas criminal courts involve action being taken by the state after a crime has been committed.

When a judgment by the civil courts has been found to be in favor of the plaintiff, the case has been won on behalf of the deceased and types of damages that may be recovered in these lawsuits vary from state to state. The way the deceased handled their finances while living, the income that would have been earned if the deceased had lived, the actual costs caused by the death (including medical expenses and funeral arrangements), and pain and suffering of the deceased’s family may all be considered by the courts in determining how much to award. The awarded amount is known as the “settlement” and is usually paid out over a specified, or “structured,” length of time by the defendant in the lawsuit.

After a “structured settlement” (payments that will be made over time) has been awarded to the family of a deceased individual, a “structured settlement factoring transaction” may be done to allow a “lump sum” payment, which is a single larger payment, instead of waiting for many payments of smaller amounts that have been awarded in a Wrongful Death Settlement. The plaintiffs then sell their rights to receive all or part of their future payments to someone else in order to receive the lump sum right away.

There are many possible reasons that people may find they need a larger amount to be paid to them in a shorter amount of time. Situations where there are unexpected medical expenses for themselves or a dependent, loss of employment, educational needs, improved housing, or transportation are among the many common reasons people choose this type of transaction.

For more information or a free quote for your wrongful death settlement, contact Professional Settlement Buyers


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