Don’t mess with Car title loans or Payday loans.

Don't mess with Car title loans or Payday loans.

They will rip you off. Please don’t mess with them.
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17 Responses to Don’t mess with Car title loans or Payday loans.

  • awwyeahme2 says:

    I paid back vip fast cash loan, yep interest was high but I paid it off
    in 5 mos .
    went back 3 yrs later. they kept me hanging. insisted on now seeing 3
    bankstatements that’s the reason for denying me the second loan.. yea some
    wanna make a lot of money over time .

  • ohshit109 says:

    I live in Dallas, TX. My car broke down and after spending $500 to try and
    fix it I sold it. My next doo neighbor is trying to sell his cars to me. He
    is an african guy who purchased his cars from Auctions. But the van he has
    per Firestone needs over $2000 worth of work. It shakes when I drive it and
    stops. The 1996 Jeep he wants has many problems and a rebuilt title. He
    wants me to pay $3000 for it but per the tag place he only paid $1000 for
    it. He is desperate for money now. No way.

  • PoliteTia says:

    Thank you for the post. This is direly needed. Listen to this vlog. Do not
    have ANYTHING to do with Advance Me Today

  • bohicadeus says:

    @GhostOfACPast I believe I may just be stubborn about it because of my
    upbringing though. My mother and father were extremely poor and had a “too
    poor to pay interest” mentality. They didn’t get credit cards, loans (even
    car loans), etc, because in their mind, if you’re broke as crap, you don’t
    need to spend thousands of dollars on interest (which makes sense). They
    honestly would have moved into a tent eating beans every night before they
    got a payday loan (I’m not exaggerating). lol

  • Rebecca Spaulding says:

    I owe money to 3 pay day loans! They are nothing more than legal versions
    of loan sharks! I had to default on those loans 3 years ago and they have
    harassed me and threaten to take me to jail for check fraud! Once I pay off
    these loans I will never take out a payday loan ever again!

  • abrendal says:

    thank you for this video. I will ask my bank first. I know about payday
    loans. outrageous!

  • Angelo Greenwood says:

    well i pawned my car twice paid the money no problem so whats did u do
    wrong? you probably borrowed too much money more than u can pay back

  • cmichael442 says:

    How to get a title loan 1. Make sure it’s only for a few months. 2. Make
    sure you borrow only what you need, you can pay back right after they give
    you the loan what you don’t need making your APR less. In the end if you
    save $50-80 of your check weekly you can save in just 4 months $800-$1,300.
    If you get a title loan for $1,500 or so you will be paying back a huge apr
    per monthly cycle something like $300 with a $40 principle. Save ur money!!

  • bohicadeus says:

    @GhostOfACPast I can’t agree with you there, so I guess we agree to
    disagree. If I were dying in the desert, and someone said “here is a glass
    of water, you can pay me $5 right now, or $500 in a week, I would sell
    something to get that $5 (even my clothes). Bad finance decisions are bad
    finance decisions regardless of reasoning. I’d assume if you’re hungry now,
    you’ll be broke and hungry (a good chance) when it comes time to pay that
    $3000 for borrowing $1500.

  • Cartington Martin says:

    This is not all true. Yea at one point in time they wanted it every two
    weeks. Im sure then it was bull shit. But I know for a fact now that they
    arent doing those anymore. It is a rip off but it really aint a hassle. My
    boyfriend and my grandma have title loans out right now on their cars. We
    needed extra cash so my boyfriend took out a tiltle loan. to get it all
    back he has to have like 900 dollars , but to just keep it open it can pay
    95 dollars a month. the rip off is that

  • GhostOfACPast says:

    @bohicadeus I grew up the same way but look at the modern SOFT Americans
    who refuse to live like that. They prey on the people, modern people.

  • delacruz6241 says:

    What a sad man! I work for a finance place we do title loans and payday
    loans, interest is high but sometimes people need fast cash my advise to
    you is get a job and stop getn loans u can’t afford I hate people like you.

  • Christine Golding says:

    Very good speech I would like to talk to you

  • katimere2 says:

    The reason people don’t sell their cars is because they still need them to
    get around. Car tittle loans are a last resort. Right now tell me who will
    give you the real value of your vehicle even if you wanted to sell it?
    EVERYONE IS BROKE AND TRYING TO SURVIVE. Its all about to collasp America
    as we know it is over.

  • majinspy says:

    @delacruz6241 I bet you would view Marcus Licinius Crassus as a model

  • GhostOfACPast says:

    @bohicadeus They are still preying on the weakness of the moment because,
    and lets be honest here, no one looks at a contract when they need to pay
    the rent or pay for some food right then and there. A starving person or
    one dieing in the desert from thirst will not ask, nor care about (at that
    moment), “the terms” when the plate of food or the glass of water is
    offered to them. The loan people know this and they thrive in this kind of

  • esha mo says:

    Dam I thought student loans were the only debt that could not be filed
    during bankruptcy. I don’t mean any harm but I’m looking to see on the news
    someone done bombed a pay day or a title loans building because people need
    every penny they can get.

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