Title Companies – A Big Help in Tax Delinquent Investments

The job of the title company begins well before settlement. It assembles information from many sources, including buyers, seller’s mortgage companies, land records and court records. It coordinates with all parties involved in the settlement. It looks for any potential problems in the transactions and clears up any judgments and/or liens against the parties prior to the transaction.

At the settlement table it collects and disburses funds from the transaction, transfer ownership of property and issue title insurance after settlement. The title company is also responsible for recording the Deed and Deed of Trust in land records. It also tracks and records the release of the seller’s mortgage.

When you have a property that will net you at least $ 20,000, you may want a title company assist you with the sale. It does not take a whole lot of margin away from that deal anyway and using a title company is a convenient way of having title records organized, transferred and recorded. Usually you pay for their services through cashier’s check or wired funds.

You do not have to show up in their office to sign properties. They can do what is called absentee signings. You just notify them that you are not available in the office or home. They will send you the paperwork for you to sign.
Once the title company have everything signed and all together they will send the owner/seller the money for the lien, on your behalf. They will then send the deed for recording and instruct the county to send you the deed after the recording has been done by the county offices. It is important that the title company has your correct address.

It is sometimes a good idea to have a neutral third party like a title company handle the transfer of funds and related documents from one party to another. Especially when you are new to the trade of Tax Delinquent Investing. These title companies have done this procedure so many times before that they have mastered all the necessary requirements attached to this type of transaction. Without any expert help, you might just forget some important fulfillment and could cause delays. Use the help of experts to begin with, to learn the right way of doing things, and in time you will learn the proper procedures that will give you the confidence to do the title work your self.

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