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Patient May Have A Lawsuit For Medical Malpractice As A Consequence Of Physician’s Delay In Diagnosi

It is not uncommon for a medical malpractice attorney to be contacted by a potential client who starts by saying something like, My doctor kept telling me I only had hemorrhoids and I have now been diagnosed with advanced colon cancer. What makes this happen and what options does the person and his or her family have if it does?

The first thing to note is that most doctors concur that when someone presents with rectal bleeding or blood in the stool a colonoscopy needs to be performed in order to identify the cause of the blood. The colonoscopy helps establish whether the blood is the result of colon cancer or something else such as hemorrhoids. However only supposing that the blood is the result of hemorrhoids risks not detecting a cancer.

Colon cancer is a disease that progresses over time. As it advances it gets more difficult to treat successfully. For instance, when the disease is in stage 1 or stage 2, it is still contained inside the wall of the colon. Treatment for these stages generally involves surgery to remove the tumor and adjacent parts of the colon. Chemotherapy is frequently not part of the treatment of stage 1 and stage 2 unless it may be given to an individual who is young as a precautionary measure. With surgery, the person with stage 1 or stage 2 has a good likelihood of surviving the disease for at least 5 years after diagnosis. The relative 5-year survival rate is more than 90% for stage 1 and 73% for stage 2.

By the time the cancer progresses to stage 3, it has spread outside the colon. At this stage treatment requires both surgery and chemotherapy (perhaps with other drugs as well). The relative 5-year survival rate for stage 3 is fifty three percent. If it gets to stage 4, the relative 5-year survival rate is reduced to roughly eight percent. Treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and other medications may or may not still be effective. Once treatment stops being effective, the disease becomes fatal. Roughly 48,000 people will die from colon cancer this year alone.

If the individual with rectal bleeding gets a colonoscopy and the tumor is discovered prior to spreading to the lymph nodes or to other organs, it can often be taken out during the colonoscopy if it is sufficiently small or by surgically extracting the section of the colon containing the tumor. So a delay in diagnosis and treatment that is sufficient to allow the cancer to get an advanced stage. This means the patient will have to undergo additional treatments and will have a significantly decreased likelihood of living for at least five years beyond diagnosis. Depending on the laws of the jurisdiction in which the physician caused the delay, this may give rise to a case for medical malpractice, or in the most severe case, for wrongful death.

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Doorstep Loans: Cash on the Borrowers Demand at His Home place

Is there a burden of small expenses on your shoulder? Do you require cash for meeting those expenses? Is your this months pay not enough for meeting your expenses? Are you in need of immediate cash? Making an appeal for doorstep loans can help to overcome your fiscal problem. Doorstep loans are the advances offered at the residence of the borrower. These funds are approved instantly.

Doorstep Loans are the advances offered to the people at their door. These funds are the offered within a short span of time. These funds are granted without any credit check. The borrower above 18 years of age is applicable for getting these funds.

The lender also sees to it that he is citizen of UK. The borrower must also be a working person in UK earning his fixed income. He has to have a bank account for availing the funds. After fulfilling the above eligibility criteria the borrower can apply for the funds. The amount that is available in these finances is from £50-£500.

The borrower has to return the money back within a period of 30 days. If the borrower needs some more extra time for repayment can ask for the same to the lender but will have to pay some extra fee as a fine. The application procedure is very easy and simple and is time conserving. The borrower needs to supply his correct details in the available application form online.

The lender on receiving these details verifies it and on finding it true and correct sanctions the amount. The borrower has to directly withdraw money from the bank as the advances are transferred to the borrowers account. These funds prove to be very useful for the tenants and non home owners. They are free from faxing any documents. This fund can be utilized for meeting many of the expenses such as he can pay off his pending bills, can pay his rent, school fees and many more.

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Get Out Of Debt Without Ruining Your Credit: How To Set Goals, and Become Debt Free For Life

Get Out Of Debt Without Ruining Your Credit: How To Set Goals, and Become Debt Free For Life

Get Out Of Debt Without Ruining Your Credit: How To Set Goals, and Become Debt Free For Life

Get Out of Debt without Ruining Your Credit: How to Set Goals, and Become Debt Free For Life

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Discover How You Can Set Goals to …
Get out of debt without ruining your credit, and become debt free for life. Getting out of debt is no fun; however, being in debt is even worse. In this book series, I use myself as the example to show you how you can get out of credit card debt without ruining your credit. Follo


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Unsecured Personal Loans – Security Free Facilities

For those who cannot afford to place a security or do not want to offer any security for obtaining financial assistance, unsecured personal loans are options that are freely available to them. An individual can easily overcome his fiscal emergencies under the direction and support of these advances. Tenants and non-homeowners can easily obtain these advances as they are security-free facilities.

The amount that can be borrowed in these finances ranges from 1000 to 25000. At the same, the borrowers get a period of minimum 1 to a maximum of 10 years to repay the borrowed cash. They can be repaid through monthly installments.

In these advances the lenders do not make it mandatory for the borrowers to place any security. Thus, they prove to be very convenient options to majority of borrowers. With the support of these schemes the borrowers can overcome any obstacles that come their way in the long run. They are risk free advances as per the borrower point of view.

Where as the lenders take huge risks while sanctioning the cash to the applicants without taking security. Hence, high interest rates are levied by them. They can be accessed by bad credit holders as well. Nevertheless, the more the risk, the higher is the rate of interest charged.

The eligibility conditions for this monetary facility are as follows:
The borrower must be a UK citizen.
He must be employed with a fixed source of income.
He should be above 18 years of age.
He must also hold a legal bank account.

By researching online the borrowers can widen his options of availing the advance. It is recommended that they have detailed information about the deal before applying for it. This in turn will help them to make an accurate decision and choose for the perfect deals. To add to it, they can compare the different quotes put forth by various lenders and acquire the best deals at cheaper interest rates.

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Hard Money Loans for Flipping Homes is not at all illegal

You are your own BOSS! If you agree with my perception then there are lot of potential businesses out there…waiting for you to Explore. I am really serious in saying all the stuff to you…You need to focus on different kinds of options available in market, for you to get involved in Business of your own…To make it further clear to you, I must add about one sector of business, and that is Real Estate Investment business…providing bundle of opportunities for people interested in….

You See! If there is a prosperous kind of business activity prevailing in an open market, then lot of rumors and misconceptions are automatically attached with it. So there is one important rumor, which is deliberately attached with the real estate bussines, in order to divert the attention of upcoming Real Estate Investors. You may have heard a lot about the illegal procedure of flipping a home, by taking some hard money loans. It is not at all correct…as flipping is as real and legal as your right to vote in next elections, or to live anywhere in the whole country, at your discretion.

You are not supposed to look at the process of Flipping Homes, as a non-realistic approach. All you require is to take some hard money loans from a reliable lending agency, and to make a profit over it by making necessary amendments and to fix some of the old things. It is just as simple as an example, which I am going to give you here for your better understanding. Imagine you have purchased some old bicycles in a wholesale market, with some of the parts missing. You can find the spare parts at a cheaper rate from the market. So the bicycle has a total cost of $ 300 for you. Here you decide to fix it up, make a brand new polish over it, and to fix the missing parts…Just Looking like a New One…then you can sell it around $ 600. If someone comes and says that you have done anything illegal, will you agree with him?

Absolutely Not! As you have all the rights in this country to purchase and sale anything, as it is an open market. Similarly hard money loans are your key gadget in earning a profit over making some investments in some old property. There is also insecurity, involved form the side of hard money lenders too, when they see their borrower making so much profit over a short period of time, and then they don’t feel very happy. As they are the people giving out hard money loans, but they have not got such good opportunity.

Here is another important point to share with you, do not follow the false instructions of some of the hard money lenders, as to buy a property in the name of Trust. I would like to give you a piece of advice here, as to not get involved in such activity. You have to get a proper ownership of the recently bought house, on your name or on the name of your own corporation. You can get hard money loans from the lending agencies, but they have no right to make any claim over it, unless you have not paid back the money in a time span commonly called “Seasoning Time Frame”. I am sure you would have learnt well enough before your first investment, as to avoid any of such situations.

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