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Franchise Loans 101

When purchasing a new franchise, there are several expenses that you may need to obtain financing for. You will be required to pay an up-front franchise fee, and then you will need additional funds to build, purchase supplies, and market your business – all before you see a dime of revenue in return.  Trying to obtain a franchise loan is a good way to cover these initial expenses, and help keep you afloat until you become profitable.

There are two main types of franchise loans available: traditional loans and small business administration loans (SBA). Traditional loans are offered by specific lenders (such as banks or other financial institutions) through their individual programs and criteria, whereas SBA loans are offered by the rules established under the federally-run SBA agency.

Generally, traditional loans are more difficult to qualify for, and lenders will thoroughly examine a potential borrower’s credit history, business plan, experience, and collateral before they make their decision.  Because of the high failure rate of new businesses during the first two years of operation (approximately 30 percent), these lenders will fund only those businesses they believe will have a high chance of success.

Conversely, SBA loans can be easier to qualify for, but there are several steps borrowers must take in order to increase their chances of acceptance. A strong business plan will be weighted more heavily than personal experience, and if experience is lacking, having a team of advisors (including a franchise lawyer, accountant, and consultant) will show that you are armed with the experience of franchise professionals in order to succeed.  A borrower with a quality team of advisors and strong support system is more likely to be considered for the loan. In addition, to qualify for a SBA loan, the business franchise you are considering must meet certain criteria. It must be a for-profit business located within the United States, have earnings below $ 13.5 million in retail sales, and must adhere to human rights laws that disallow discrimination against employees or customers based on age, race, or sex.


My Franchise Law is a website dedicated to connecting those who are existing franchisors, starting a franchise, or buying into a franchise with experienced and qualified franchise lawyers.


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Hampton va lodging

Hotels in Hampton Virginia

As one of the seven major cities that make the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, Hampton is located on the southeastern end of the Virginia Peninsula. The city hosts the northern terminus of the famous Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (HRBT) on I-64. First made operational in late 1950s, the HRBT remained the world’s best bridge-tunnel for a long time. It crosses the waterway which connects the gateway to Chesapeake Bay and the majestic Atlantic Ocean from the side of United State’s largest ice-free harbor.

In today’s times, Hampton Virginia has become one of the highest populous cities of Virginia. Its current population has crosses 140,000 mark. People from all over United States like to visit Hampton for the attractions that it has reserved for tourists since long. If you are travelling to the city soon and wondering where to stay, here are some hotels that might suit your budget and taste.

Atlantic Breeze Suites

Rated excellent by plenty of tourists, their staying experience in Hotels in Hampton Virginia is marked by the hospitality and courtesy of the employees working in the suites. All the rooms are completely furnished with warm colors and personal touches are given throughout all the rooms. The kitchen area has almost everything you can ever want during a holiday.

Blue Jay Motel

Cozy, comfortable, clean and the best option for those looking forward to long sleeping hours on their vacation. The surrounding area is absolutely silent. The owners – Rose and Mary are wonderful hostesses and leave no stone unturned in making you feel at home. The broad way is only at 10 minutes walk and makes an excellent exercise routine. Worth every penny, the Blue Jay Motel is where you get fun, sun and only the friendly faces.

Seascape Inn at Plaice Cove

Quite, charming and cute Hotel in Hampton Virginia. It is not too far away from the rustle and bustle of the city. A quick ride and you are transported from 21st century to 19th century where the floor is made of wood and long cascades hang around every wall. From the windows, you can get partial view of ocean as well. Morning and evening walks to the sea are absolutely must as you wouldn’t want to miss the charm of the city at those hours.


Located by the sea, you will get surprised by their accommodating staff. The lobby and rooms are spotless and view from balcony is great. The service at this place is however very slow and if think about staying here if you have no other option left.

Best Western

Considered one of the best Hotels in Hampton Virginia by people who visit the city, the Best Western is flawless. We understand that where you stay and how you stay is your decision but for a tourist who hasn’t stayed at this hotel has certainly missed out on some of the fun of city.

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Small Business Infrastructure

I literally went to the dictionary and looked up the word “Infrastructure.” It means the basics, the foundation, how things are organized, how it is put together.

Here are the 3 basic considerations which are the foundations of a small business infrastructure.

Item 1. A product or service to sell.
Item 2. A method or methods of advertising your product or service.
Item 3. Clients or customers to sell to.

Calling those the foundation to a small business is a bit misleading, in that these three elements are the basics of any business, big or small. Let me give you some idea, of the sort of pre-planning that should go into each of these three steps.

For example, for a small business infrastructure, the owner (you) might be making the product yourself. You might be outsourcing the production, or have another company warehouse and send the product to you on demand. Or you might have the warehouse ship (called drop-shipping) directly to your customers.

A medium to large business could have the same small business infrastructure, without the hands on manufacturing of the product, by simply having the product be an e-book or an info-product which is printed at the time of sale by the fulfillment company. Everything else would apply.

If what you offer is a service, you would somewhat limit how big your small business could grow, because you are only one person, and each day has only so many hours that you could work. In that situation, in order for your business to grow at some future date, your pre-plan would best include how and when to recruit new employees. You might also consider setting up deals between yourself and other service providers, to fulfill some or all of your contracts.

Why plan for those things now? Simply because planning for that now, allows you to document everything on exactly how you will want it done.

This way you can hand a written book of procedures to future employees the moment they come on board. This maintains a consistent quality to your business, and keeps a high level of service for your current and future clients, to enjoy and expect from you.

Believe me when I say that it is possible for you to grow mighty fast. I would not want you to start your business thinking that documentation and hiring employees, is something you will have time to think about doing later.

Sometimes, it is possible for your success to sneak up on you. If you don’t already have most of these things planned out ahead of time, you might very well wish that you had.

You should spend a lot of time on the care and planning for your delivery systems, hiring, and business policies. The same care and planning should go into your advertising and marketing.

If you want your advertising and marketing to succeed, you should plan ahead of time, all your marketing strategies for potential situations in the future. If you do, your business should be better prepared to weather any economic storm.

There is a lot that I cannot cover in a short article. Your small business infrastructure is best served by discussing your business with a consultant, who can help you to tailor your plan and direction specifically for your unique situation and business.

Calvin Brown is a wealth creation expert and author. He lives in Anacortes, WA and spends his time teaching others how to create wealth. For more information about small business infrastructure, check out his latest book, “The Money System” which is available at


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