Kitesurfing During the Credit Crunch

Now is the Time – Ignore the Credit Crunch and Get Kitesurfing!

Kitesurfing is one of the sports du-jour – a heavy-weight in the realm of extreme activities – yet widely held as a hobby exclusive to those with money to burn (Richard Branson being one of its more well known fans). Though this view may be consolidated by the recession, I believe that now is precisely the right time to get into kitesurfing – and all it requires is a glance towards the trusty piggy bank rather than a full-on bank raid.

Learning this sport on a budget is entirely possible. Yes, kitesurfing instruction isn’t cheap, but done in the right way, you can really maximise the worth of each and every teaching hour you pay for. Over a length of time, good quality instruction is an investment – not just in a sport, but a in way of life, a gold-card to a new social network, and the key to hour after hour of supremely satisfying exhilaration.

The best – and cheapest – way to learn to kitesurf is through group lessons abroad. Rolling a holiday and kitesurfing crash course into one is the perfect way in to the sport – an intensive burst in a place with good consistent winds, and learner-friendly flatwater. Though it may seem non-sensical to equate travelling beyond the UK to wallet-friendly learning, it does actually make sense when considering what an untamed beast the wind can be in this country (though statistically very windy, our fair Isle doesn’t lean towards the more desirable side of consistency).

It’s not only opting for a reliably windy spot that makes going abroad the sensible option. Of course, this is a major plus – kitesurfing has a steep learning curve, so by the end of a week or two’s stint with a kite school in good winds you’ll be making enviable progress – but there are countless other reasons for hopping on a plane for your lessons.

One of the most important – I think – is the mob mentality (a positive one!). Kitesurfing is an extremely sociable activity, and one which people are passionate about. Its addictive nature leaves willing victims living, breathing, thinking, dreaming kiting – and so, naturally, they want to talk about it. Head off to a renowned kitesurfing holiday spot – think the chilled out Dominican Republic or siesta-filled Tarifa, Southern Spain – and as a beginner you are immediately exposed to kiters through an entire spectrum of abilities, with one thing in common – the kiting ‘bug’. Believe me, its catching. And this is one thing you do want to catch.

The kiting bug is a fantastic thing. When so many people don’t have a hobby – let alone one they get fired up about – you realize the feeling from kitesurfing is a precious one. When all else is falling apart – the economy being a major ‘crumbler’ at this point in time – what could be more valuable than something that takes all of that away, that erases the mundane humdrum have-I-paid-that bill, can-I-pay-that bill feeling so ingrained in us all?

So I may have strayed off the more practical side of my point here, but a good kiting session provides an instant, unrivaled boost – one that you can enjoy over and over again, no matter what the rest of the world throws your way. I urge you to follow my advice, get learning, make new friends, love your new sport, and remember (though exercise the usual caution when doing so) – eBay throws up some real bargains in the kiting department!

Man, wind and water, equipped with kite and board, are an unstoppable force. Put simply – priceless.

Kite surfing holidays.

Starting and Growing Business With CNC Roll Forming Machine Financing and Leasing

The discovery of metal has been one the most decisive changes in the human history. Since that time, man has had the power to create powerful tools, structures and machines that would forever change the face of the earth. The tools for forming and manipulating metal have also advanced over the ages.

The modern society now depends on metal for everyday life, be it in the form of automobiles or the kitchen knife, metal is everywhere. This has made metal so important that the work of metal forming is also becoming quite popular.

Of the various types of metal forming, Roll forming is one very useful method. Do note here that the single word ‘rollform’ has the same meaning as the two separate words ‘roll form’. So these two words are used interchangeably. Here’s some more info:

• Roll forming is a common and useful method for forming objects from sheet metal.

• Roll forming is a very precise process and a special type of machine is used to roll form metal.

• These roll forming machines have several rolls that are placed one after another and they are divided into sets called ‘stands’.

• Each stand bends the metal only a little. So the metal can be passed multiple stands to reach the desired curvature.

• Roll forming is ideal for making parts, which are very long.

• Roll forming machines bend the metal into predetermined shapes. The shape would be a desired cross-section profile, meaning it will look like it was cut out from a complete shape like a cylinder for example. The cross-section profile is simply what the required end result of the bending is.

• Every shape needs its own unique set of rollers. That means that one roll forming machine can only make one shape.

Even though it might sound like it is not a very useful machine, you have to keep in mind that these machines are meant for industrial use. And factories need to make the same thing over and over again, in huge numbers. Like an automobile factory or aluminum can making facility.

So these places would not need to change the type of bend once the machine is installed. Each roller is carefully crafted for helping to form a specific shape and industries get their rollers customized before the machine is installed.

The CNC Roll forming machine has the advantage of automating the entire process, giving you a smooth bending process without breaking the metal.

Avoiding breakage is a major concern for many factories and the CNC roll forming machine delivers stellar results in this regard. So it is a necessary piece of equipment but it often costs quite high. But life can be made easier by availing CNC roll forming machine financing. It is for those businesses, which require the machine urgently but are unable to make such a large investment in one go. Of course, it is easy to understand because most start ups would be running short of capital.

You can avoid the hefty down payments and take some time to pay the full amount. Contact a company that is experienced in manufacturing equipment leasing for CNC roll forming machine financing.

Chris Fletcher’s page features more about new and used CNC Roll Forming Machine financing and other finance topics. Visit him at: – free instant quote & web calculator!

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UAV Funding Drives Aviation Engine Technology

Usually people consider general aviation as a risky industry, because the rate of accidents or death is much higher than that of even automobiles. The pilot has to make most decisions, meanwhile in commercial airline flights all the restrictions are in place.


This makes sense because you don’t want to have a bunch of bureaucrats riding along in the right seat with you when you’re flying your own private airplane. Nevertheless, one of the issues that has to do with general aviation is the reliability and durability of the aircraft engines. We can’t have flying cars, until we have engines that last longer, and don’t quit as much while in operation.


General aviation also suffers from very high costs, especially fuel use, and therefore it would be really great if these aircraft engines used a lot less fuel per hour. Now then, I was reading a few articles the other day and I had a thought, and let me briefly explain the concept, and a little bit of futurist thinking on the matter.


An interesting article in AVWeb or Aviation Web on June 10, 2010 titled; “Mistral Puts 300-hp Rotary Engine on Hold,” by Glen Pew seems to address the future of mid-range UAV power plants, and their reliable nature. Because of the massive amount of money being poured into the UAV industry-sub-sector, we are seeing incredible advances in fuel efficient and low-maintenance motors, capable of incredible endurance.


Think of the value that holds for General Aviation safety, with engines which can beat normal TBOs? TBO stands for Time before Overhaul, this is the time that an aircraft engine is expected to last, and most of the small general aviation aircraft last about 2000 hours, before you have to tear apart the engine for safety purposes. Imagine if you had to do that each time your car motor had been used for 2000 hours.


Consumers simply wouldn’t accept that, any manufacturer whose engine wouldn’t last any longer than 2000 hours would get a bad reputation in the industry, no one would buy their cars. If you think the Toyota, General Motors, and Chrysler recalls were bad, imagine how many recalls a company would get if their engines quit in the middle of operation every 2000 hours, and that was all the time they were expected to last.


So it is great to see that money is being poured into unmanned aerial vehicle technologies, because UAVs concentrate on reliable long endurance flights. And that means better power plants, and those engine manufacturers will be able to produce better engines for general aviation. This is a good thing. Please consider all this.


Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank. Lance Winslow believes it’s hard to write 20,000 articles;

Note: All of Lance Winslow’s articles are written by him, not by Automated Software, any Computer Program, or Artificially Intelligent Software. None of his articles are outsourced, PLR Content or written by ghost writers.

Neoplex – “Title Loans” 12-Foot Super Swooper Feather Flag with Heavy-Duty 15

Neoplex – “Title Loans” 12-Foot Super Swooper Feather Flag with Heavy-Duty 15

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This magnificent Super swooper flag set includes everything you need to get your message out there & seen. The flag is over 3′ wide x 12′ tall & has a pole sleeve that runs the entire length of the flag. The 15-Foot pole breaks down into 3Piece for storage or travel & is easy to assemble. When mounted on the pole, the flag is over 15′ high! also included is a heavy-duty ground spike that is solid anodized aluminum that you can really hammer on if necessary. The Super swooper style is a big impro

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Unsecured Bad Credit Loans – Trustworthy Services for You

Are you suffering with a poor financial status? Do you want to repair you status and gain respect in the traditional market? Do you want fiscal assistance without placing any security? Unsecured bad credit loans are the answers to the borrowers queries. They are trustworthy services that are offered to the borrowers to help them fulfill their individual demands.

The lenders are willing to lend and the borrowers are able to borrow amounts ranging from £1,000 to £25,000 through these forms of fiscal assistances. They can be utilized by the borrowers for a long time span ranging from 1 to 10 years. Thus, they get enough time to reimburse the cash to the lenders.

They have numerous enticing features among which the most important one is that they sanction funds to the borrowers even though they have a poor fiscal status without taking any security. Thus, the borrowers need not go through any lengthy and complicated procedures in order to avail the cash. They are allowed to make the repayment through regular monthly installments. These finances help the borrowers in battling their poor rating and turning it into a good one.

The borrowers however, have to pay high rates of interest in them as they are very risky cases to the lenders. They should make sure to repay the funds within the granted repayment term.

Any UK citizen who has completed 18 years of age is eligible to avail these facilities. He is also needed to be employed with a fixed income and a checking bank account. The applicant should also have the ability to repay the amounts.

A number of lenders are willing to sanction these services to the applicants online. All they need to do is fill in the online application form with their true details. They can get the amounts they require at cheaper interest rates. The amounts are directly transferred to their bank account.

Peter Swindley the author of this article works as a financial adviser with Unsecured Bad Credit Loans. Peter publishes informative articles on unsecured bad credit loans, long term bad credit unsecured loans and other financial topics. To know more visit at –

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